Saturday 19 June

I cannot believe how cold it has become. Having left the sunny climes of Cornwall yesterday, to return to 13C here in Coulsdon. Back to winter weight clothing. I have been doing all the usual post holiday chores, unpacking, washing and the like. But interrupted by an unfortunate incident, my daughter’s partner had a cycle accident in Coulsdon, and we spent an exciting few hours at A and E. I have to say that I was very impressed that I was allowed to stay with him, as I had thought that new restrictions did not allow anyone except the patient to be present. It is so terribly tedious hanging around going from one department to another, that to have a companion alleviates the situation. Unfortunately he has to return tomorrow but at least at a designated time.

I did an assessment of the garden which has thrived in the recent downpours. It just goes to show that watering can never achieve what torrential rain can do. Everything is lush and green, the downside is that slugs and snails are in their element.

You may like to know that today is the International Falmouth Sea Shanty Festival. The definition of a sea shanty is a song to accompany rhythmical labour on board a ship, in the hopes of encouraging coordinated work, and also to entertain. On Classic FM they played Shenandoah, but that seems far too slow for productive labour. This is more traditional. Nathan Evans has made his name with “Wellerman” which I have already cited.

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