Sunday 20 June

So what has happened to flaming June? People have talked about putting the heating back on, wearing thick woolly socks and boots instead of sandals………….then you wonder why people crave a holiday in the Mediterranean.

This afternoon I helped out at a garden which was open as part of the National Gardens Scheme. Such a great idea to raise money for charities. I was tea-making, in charge of the urn. Today they had about 70 visitors, yesterday a hundred, which is very impressive. Certainly we seemed to be cutting up cake and giving out cream teas with great rapidity. I did manage to have a look round the lovely garden too. They have quite a menagerie in addition, rabbits, chickens, a cat and a dog.

It is very hard to do justice to the variety of plants and flowers in the garden: here are two which caught my eye.

No one talks about summer holidays, or anything much in the future. Everyone gives the impression of marking time. A locked down life does really seem to be the new normal, a situation which I never thought could happen. Yet another family event is about to be cancelled: it seems futile to plan anything really. I idly looked at some accommodation in Cornwall for 2022: much of it is already fully booked. It seems clear that people do not expect to be taking a foreign holiday any time soon. Let alone visit friends or relatives who live abroad.

I see the Summer Solstice is at 4.31am tomorrow, no celebrations at Stonehenge this year. But perhaps there will be moonlight: so Debussy’s Claire de Lune.

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