Monday 21 June

The longest day. And indeed I feel it was a long day because I was so excited back in February when the “roadmap” was produced, that at long last, lockdown would end, and although June seemed ages away, life would return to normal. But nothing could be further from the truth. We cannot go abroad, we cannot have parties, no singing, no dancing. We have to wear horrid masks and be suspicious of everyone around us. So, roll on 19 July………………but watch this space, and see what happens then.

I have been diverted today by helping a friend painting and decorating. I am a dab hand with a paint roller, and it has been very enjoyable. As the weather was not conducive to being in the open air, it seemed a good use of the time. We went to the pub to celebrate our achievement and it seemed refreshingly normal, a surprising number of people there for a Monday night.

I think it’s time for a folk song. At university I went to the folk club, and this was usually the final song of the evening. It has very sentimental memories.

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