Tuesday 22 June

“A dab in her ear, a dab in her hair, paste and paper everywhere..” A song my father sang when decorating. I have not been wallpapering but painting, and however careful I am, it always ends up on me. I am not convinced that silk sheen bathroom paint is very good. It feels like painting toffee on the walls. I think matt emulsion might be better.

But for a change of scenery I went wild swimming this evening. Cannot say where otherwise it would not be wild. It was a lovely evening, sunny and bright, but not as warm as one might have wished. I cannot believe that I was baking hot in Cornwall a week ago.

An interesting achievement today: I have booked a family holiday for June 2022. As 3 parties want to go together, we decided we should make a pre-emptive strike. All good, and we were offered the group dining room, but she explained ” we have not been able to use it last year or this year, so I have to advise you, maybe not next year.” Grim isn’t it, when people are already planning for the continuation of restrictions. There are already many caveats about 19 July, winter flu wave more serious than Covid etc . Only one thing to do: wild swim, walk in the countryside, and listen to music.

This is just such a lovely piece played here by Eleanor Turner who has featured in harp festivals I have been associated with in the past.

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