Wednesday 23 June

No, I have not dropped off the radar, I was just too tired to write last night. I am also beginning to think that I can scarcely justify a “lockdown blog” for much longer. Apart from anything else, with the exception of some amazing breaks in the Peak District and Cornwall, my life is very mundane, and this becomes merely an anecdote of domestic trivialities. Today for example, was very much a house and garden day. I was painting a ceiling, so went in the garden for a break, and came across this beautiful cat mint, covered in bees. Really you should have the audio for the full effect, it was absolutely buzzing. Such a lovely sight.

I had a conversation today about what is a friend. A true friend, not just a tick box on a social media site. We decided that it is someone who is always prepared to listen, to share, to stand up for you, perhaps to defend you if necessary, not dominate in any exchange but ready to compromise. It’s actually quite difficult to think how many real friends one might have. Perhaps lockdown has forced the issue in some cases. People who have shut themselves away in fear, unwilling to see even their closest friends. I also began to think how my, and most people’s horizons, have shrunk. In 2019 I was excitedly booking a trip to South Africa for October 2020. I doubt now that I shall ever go. I am fortunate that I have been to many wonderful places abroad already, for younger people it must be even more massively frustrating. Funny that I should feel super over-excited about the idea of going to Scotland.

Intermittently I am catching up with The Crown on Netflix. I find it fascinating to learn about historical facts which I half remember as a child. I have reached the point in the late 50’s where the Duke of Windsor seeks rehabilitation in England and the Queen refuses because of his Nazi past. Actual photos of him standing with Hitler, inspecting the SS troops, were interspersed with the drama. People perhaps have a romantic view of him, giving up the throne to marry his one true love, penalised because he fell for a divorcee, but in reality he was a nasty piece of work.

I will conclude with a rousing piece of music based on a WW2 event. I was recently at the Ladybower dams in Derbyshire where the planes practised their low flights prior to going over to Germany. And oddly enough I have now visited the rebuilt dams in Germany, so life goes full cirlce.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday 23 June

  1. Jenny, I too have been MIA. Life has become busier during June. Our neighborhood social committee has been outdoing themselves the past few weeks. There has been a Taco Tuesday night during which about 60 residents gathered at our clubhouse for tacos, retried beans, and margaritas. This was followed by a Sundae Social when residents brought appetizers to share and then were treated to a sundae bar where they could create their own ice cream extravaganzas. This was followed by a men’s breakfast and a ladies’ tea. The latter was wonderful with scrumptious tea sandwiches, deviled eggs and a variety of sweets, including wonderful scones. One of the organizers had created beautiful flower arrangements from neighborhood gardens which were placed throughout the clubhouse; very festive. Additionally, I have resumed playing bridge in person and attending deep water aerobics classes in our lake. It has been such an emotional lift to see people – I’ve been collecting hugs from all the folks I have missed for the last 18 months!

    I loved your definition of a true friend. I am so blessed to have at least three ladies in my life that fit this definition. Although Jill and I have only spent a few days actually in each other’s presence, I know from those too few hours and our correspondence that she is my true friend. I suspect she is, also. That kind of friend to many others,as she is so kind and compassionate.

    My last comment, if you discontinue your blog, I shall miss terribly all the wonderful photos you have shared!


    1. Hi Janice, thank you so much for your extensive feedback. You all seem to have sprung into action over there, I like the idea of a Sundae Special! Also deep water aerobics in the lake, what fun!


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