Friday 25 June

Not the most successful day, it has to be said. I took my car to Halford’s to have a small windscreen chip mended. Jonas, the windscreen specialist, was very patient, and we stood outside chatting while he tinkered about with filler. I asked him how he learned to do this. “Oh, training course. But we learned on flat pieces of glass which is very different from a tilted windscreen, or a very high Range Rover where I have to get steps to even reach it.” But unfortunately, it did not work. I think the crack is so tiny that nothing would adhere. So there was no charge, but no improvement. I am not going to bother, unless the crack widens. It is not in my line of sight anyway.

The plan for this afternoon was to drive to Ashburnham Place, for a fishing expedition. We packed our picnic, loaded up the fishing tackle, and hit the M25. Crawling. 45 minute delay because of an accident. So we left for the A25, and crawled to Westerham, at which point we gave up, and went to the cafe at Chartwell and had some tea and cake. Very disappointing indeed. My luck with the M25 is notoriously bad.

I read in The Times today about things which “nobody has any more.” Wall calendars, (yes), CDs (yes), DVDs (yes), phone books (no), address book (yes), encyclopaedias and dictionaries (yes many). I wonder how many of you have these objects which are regarded as being surplus to requirement? Funny old world if your entire life is stored on a mobile phone.

I heard this in an orchestral version today and remembered when a friend and I played it as a piano duet, when we were at school. Great fun.

One thought on “Friday 25 June

  1. I read that piece in The Times too – what a strange modern world we find ourselves in! We too have everything you mentioned. I think there’s even a phone book somewhere too, though we never refer to it. CDs in particular are important: it’s the way we get the music we want to hear. But we do also play LPs. Most of the houses we visit also have quite a few shelves of CDs. I suppose it’s just another thing that reminds how old we are.


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