Saturday 26 June

Giles Coren has written an interesting article in The Times today, about what he calls Long Lockdown. He says a great deal has been written about Long Covid, but Long Lockdown affects many more people. He says he feels that if his planned two week holiday in Corsica is cancelled, he would be quite relieved. He does not really want to hang around at an airport, have tests, go on a plane. He is an avid cricket fan, but having gone to Lords, went home half way through the day, he could not bear the queues for the toilets and refreshments, he watched the rest at home on TV. He can now go to the office, and did so, looking for cameraderie, but concluded he would prefer to write at home, in bed with the cats on his laps. I think this is a situation which will be recognised by many. I see people still wiping down supermarket trolleys, although it has been shown that the virus cannot live on hard surfaces. People with masks on in their own cars. Restaurant tables being sprayed with antibacterial solution though it is a virus not a bacteria, and more depressing, being wiped over with a skanky-looking cloth. And now we have cabinet ministers unable to observe their own social distancing rules. Hypocrisy rather than adultery will bring him down.

We are back in Ealing to look after an excited two year old and an energetic dog. Not sure who is more exhausted at the end of the day, the grandparents or those requiring looking after. Luckily it was a sunny day and we were out in the garden or park the whole time. Wonderful sunset this evening, brilliant pink and silvery grey clouds.

Driving on the motorway yet again, we amused ourselves by looking at all the curious names of car models: Mokka, Duster, Tiguan, Kuga, Eos, Qashqai, who dreams this stuff up? It makes Fiesta or Escort look positively tame.

I heard this today, rousing stuff. A kind of one-hit wonder I guess.

4 thoughts on “Saturday 26 June

  1. Skanky, now there’s a word you don’t often hear. I always thought it just meant unpleasant and dirty but I see having looked it up to confirm my understanding I see it’s broadened to mean a sexually promiscuous person esp of a woman. Who knew?


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