Sunday 27 June

Dawn cracks pretty early with little children so we were downstairs playing with Duplo about 6.30. Later we decided to go to the Sunday market held at a local school but very disappointingly, there were very few stalls there. The weather was not wonderful, or maybe some people have managed to go on holiday? The baker’s stall was there and we bought some items for lunch.

This afternoon we went to the park for the usual entertainments.

I seem to have failed to find matching socks. Adam now goes to a football class, very low key, but he seems to enjoy it. Here he is in action against grandma.

I am so pleased that he is able to go to a class of some description. Little children have suffered as much as anyone else by not going to swimming lessons, bopping bunnies, mother and toddler groups etc etc. I guess you can say they will catch up, but it is not only school age children who have been affected by 15 months of lockdown.

Torrential rain this evening, no need to do any watering. There seems to be more rain to come and not much sign of sunshine. It makes camping expeditions in the UK look slightly less tantalising. I am told you cannot buy a caravan or campervan for love nor money. Another lockdown spin-off.

I heard an excerpt from Rodrigo’s guitar concerto. It is very well known, and frequently played on Classic FM, but it is very atmospheric, very relaxing.

2 thoughts on “Sunday 27 June

  1. Adam seems to be growing by leaps and bounds! Such a handsome boy! You are so lucky to be able to spend so much time with him. We will have each of our grandchildren for a week beginning July 3 and ending the last week of July. The are – 14, 14, and 10 now.


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