Monday 28 June

The first excitement of the day was to try to book free tickets to see an exhibition about Noel Coward at The Guildhall, London. Amazingly enough they were quite hard to come by, and yet I had thought it may not be the top of anyone’s list of things to see and do: for me it is a peg to hang a lunch engagement on, if that is not too hideous a metaphor. But what really bugs me is the list of do’s and don’ts. I am sick of being told what I can and cannot do. And is Mr Javid really honestly going to abandon all this on 19 July?

Additional information
Checklist for your visit
Plan your journey
Ensure that you are healthy to visit
Wear a face covering inside the Gallery
Consider what to bring with you – remember: there are no lockers or cloakroom
Use the hand sanitiser provided or bring your own
Maintain physical distancing where possible
Ask a team member if you have any questions
Enjoy your visit!
We have signed up to be part of the Association of Leading Visitor Attractions’ recovery survey. After your visit we would
be grateful if you could complete the survey.
Conditions of sale
We welcome families and ask household groups to stay together where possible. Unless the guidance changes, you will
only be permitted to visit in groups of up to six people or two households of any size.
You should not visit if you think you have coronavirus symptoms or if you have recently been in contact with someone
who has coronavirus. If you are no longer able to visit, please email us as soon as possible to transfer your booking.

I am sure I will enjoy the visit, I am very excited at the thought of going to any exhibition in London but it is sad that these places are constrained to issue these types of admonitions.

While I am on a rant, can anyone explain why the National Portrait Gallery, one of my favourite galleries, is closed till Spring 2023? What with that and repairs on the M4 taking till 2025…….are we unable to work at speed any more? The Chinese seem to build roads and rail networks in Africa with remarkable rapidity.

Monday is exercise day, Pilates and aquafit. Really it would be better to be more spaced out through the week, but I am so delighted to attend any face to face class, that if there are two in one day, so be it.

I like The Great Gate of Kiev as a piano version. I am surprised that this pianist can see the notes as she tosses her head forwards.

3 thoughts on “Monday 28 June

  1. Massive demonstration in London on Saturday tells the story of how you are not alone in your frustrations. Largely unreported of course 🤬I think people have had enough.


  2. The demonstrations were many thousands…no-one really the infantile BBC now routinely say a few hundred, and call them climate protestors along with brexit objectors..(pretty much anything to tease those who genuinely attended). But those thousands who went, represent many more millions at home who have had enough of the rules and petty controls.
    It’s nice to visit a gallery but if the experience is set about by such intimidation as you recite…as with the 85 signs on the outdoor swimming pool I counted recently, one is left with not exhileration but sadness that our society and culture is now controlled by such people as can write all that awful stuff.


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