Tuesday 29 June

My rant about regulations and restrictions for visiting a gallery seems to have struck a chord. See comments, about mass demonstrations in London against the continuing lockdown scenario, and absurd notices at an outdoor swimming pool. (We are all in the open air, there is no risk.) Also private messages about going to the theatre. Your temperature will be taken on arrival. WHAT??? This is not a hospital, this is fun entertainment. Or is it? A friend went recently to the Orange Tree Theatre in Richmond. Social distancing meant that it was only about a third full, but she said it was so moving, the cast were virtually in tears at the end, thanking the audience for coming.

Mutti Merkel is going to be in a bitter mood after Germany’s defeat by England in the football tonight. So her suggestion that UK citizens should not be allowed to holiday anywhere within the EU could be seen as a vengeful act. I am no longer sure who can go where, for how long or with whom. But I am getting prepared.

I have been asked to give an Arts Society lecture in 2022, and 2023. How lovely. But if I write it on a scrap of paper, it will get lost. So here we go, forward planning!

This afternoon Rod went fishing in Rusper, near Dorking. Very beautiful lakes with some very impressive fish. However, the biggest handicap is the geese, who think, grub’s up, here we come.

Once the rod is in the water with bait on the end, the flotilla arrives.

Now we might think it is very cute, but for the angler, it is maddening. However, Rod managed to drive them off, lots of scowling and splashing, and got some very nice fish, the grand finale being a 10lb mirror carp.

Tomorrow I am having the piano tuned: such are the excitements in my life. But I look forward to playing this, it is something I have kept up with over the years.

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