Wednesday 30 June

Today was to be a lovely sunny summer walk, admiring the wild flowers of Kent. As I drove along the M20 to Wye, the rain started. By the time we started walking, it was 14C, and I was wearing waterproof trousers and a cagoule. But we Brits are not to be defeated by a trivial thing like inclement weather, so we cracked on. Wye is a delightful village, with a church which has a huge squat tower.

It was founded in Saxon times, and has monastic connections, all lost in the Dissolution.

The wild flowers are at this tome truly exquisite, and it is impossible to convey on a photo the banks of daisies, scabious, vetch, thistles, and above all, a myriad of orchids. Mostly vibrant pink pyramid orchids, but others as well. So many at once it was quite overwhelming.

Everyone we met was very chatty, recommending places to see, where to stop for lunch ( a church porch, out of the rain), the views over the rolling Kent countryside. Fields of potatoes, beans, corn turning golden: it is the Garden of England.

At Crundale another lovely church, very small, also with a squat tower.

We met a couple who had been married there in 2000, now living in Cheshire, but had come back for a trip down memory lane. I like incidents like that: it makes it more “real”, which is a nonsense really, more lively perhaps.

The rain made the going a bit slippery, chalk and clay in the wet are not the best. So we felt suitably pleased to have completed a 9 mile circuit, up hill and down dale.

I have made a new discovery, tidal pools. We had such fun in the sea pool at Bude, that I have been trying to find out if there are more like that. It seems that there is one near Margate, at Walpole Bay. I heard this at the farm shop where I buy eggs. Toby and I always have a chat and set the world to rights, and then get on to wild swimming and sea bathing. So he told me about this.

Walpole Bay Tidal Pool is 80 today – this is how it all began – The Isle Of  Thanet News

Looks pretty amazing, so I will have to venture to Margate. Maybe the Tracey Emin Gallery too?

A piece of music to warm up to: The Fire Dance.

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