Thursday 1 July

One comment today was that the blog is somewhat thin at times. I have to say, that is because nothing much has happened, and I have probably done enough ranting about the iniquities of lockdown. My hairdresser came and we sat in the garden for me to have a short back and sides, and she said that in the last 24 hours it suddenly overcame her, how totally fed up she was with all the limitations. She lives alone, and has been very conscientious about obeying every rule, but she said she has seriously had enough now.

This was echoed in The Times’ leader, which reiterated that we have to learn to live with Covid, as we have learned to live with flu variants. We can immunise and do all we can to protect the vulnerable, as we do every winter with flu vaccines, but in the final analysis, you cannot keep closing schools and killing the economy. Interesting times we live in. I do anticipate ending the blog on 19 July, in that most people’s lives will return to the relatively normal, mine included I hope. But I will keep the site open, and will field any comments, and resume, if lockdown is reintroduced.

This reminds me of summer time in France: oh happy days.

One thought on “Thursday 1 July

  1. The awful realisation is beginning to dawn on everyone now that this is not about a flu virus and controlling it, but about the control of them.


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