Friday 2 July

I have not fallen off the cliff. Just busy with family commitments which is a great state to be in, and not very lockdownish. I was looking after Adam, so I invoked a bit of child labour in the garden. Luckily the weather was sunny all day, so when more family arrived, we were able to sit outside all the time. We were even joined by a deer, grrr. As bold as brass, standing by the vegetable patch which fortunately is now totally netted.

I have succumbed to having a gardener for a couple of hours every other week, and he cuts the grass and hedges, all of which I find pretty heavy going. It is so nice when it is done, and he came this morning, so I have been admiring the handiwork all day.

I see Mutti Merkel has conceded a little to Boris: we may yet be permitted to visit mainland Europe. And talk of having to live with Covid. Hasn’t this been suggested for a long time now, but we are still under restrictions? I am just amazed that there is not more dissent in the ranks. Is the general population so easily dragooned into obedience? Or frightened? The more I think about it, the more shocked I am. It seems to reveal how easy it is to create a totalitarian state. Well, we’ll see. The day of total freedom approaches on 19 July.

We are having a party in the garden, rain and football permitting, so I am not be blogging till tomorrow morning, again. In the hopes of sunshine, here is Vivaldi.

One thought on “Friday 2 July

  1. Jenny keep up the good work.
    There’s a lot of push back against the Government but it doesn’t get reported much because Google, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, and general news outlets suppress it.
    If any of your followers want a summary of this then they might have a read about it here.
    It includes details of all the judicial reviews and cases brought against the Government including where Matt Hancock was found by the High Court to have acted unlawfully.
    It’s worth a read.


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