Saturday 3 July

I thought you may like to see the deer which frequents our garden, sometimes with a few pals. They are unbelievably bold.

Today was family party day, hence the late posting. A large event which was to have taken place last year at this time, postponed to this year in view of the promised release from lockdown on 21 June, and kyboshed yet again. So we decided to do a small event in our garden, so the day did not slide past without any comment at all. In the event it was very nice indeed, as the weather improved greatly, and we were able to be outside. 9 adults and a small child, and food and drink to feed the multitudes. I did spend quite a while slicing and dicing, baking and general overseeing, but it was all hands to the pump, and sometimes smaller occasions are more fun because you do actually get to speak to everyone.

Just to give an overview. And one of our number was a bit overwhelmed and had to have a snooze behind his sunnies.

We dressed up, had balloons and cake, and tried to make it a bit festive. My brother-in-law on the piano and niece on fiddle, also gave us some wonderfully entertaining folk tunes at the end of the evening. After we had cheered England to victory in the football of course! If the big party had gone ahead, it may have been difficult to persist with music and dancing while the match was on! So all in all, a successful day.

I think to celebrate we should have a bit of Pomp and Circumstance.

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