Sunday 4 July

After the excitement of yesterday’s party, we had a slow start to the day, and then ambled down to Maidenbower to have brunch at Emma and Mark’s. Changeable weather, at times pretty cool. I really don’t seem to have worn many summer clothes yet.

I had a quick look at the Sunday paper. A great deal of praise for the England football team of course, with all kind of predictable jests of “can Kane cane the Danes” type. The sub editors must have a ball thinking this stuff up. Then the equally predictable pontifications about will 19 July really mean the end to all restrictions. I read somewhere that the new normal is lockdown, and we will be informed when there is any change, namely an increase in our freedom. There is meant to be an interim statement tomorrow, 5 July. No sign of anything yet. I now have over 300 comments on this blog. Do read some of them if you get chance, they are amazingly interesting.

Today is American Independence Day of course, so good wishes to any American readers, I hope you have been able to celebrate. I think we need to shake a leg in a hoedown.

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