Monday 5 July

There was a pronouncement today and the signs are looking good for 19 July, in England. We are to treat Covid 19 “like any other disease”, something which many people have been saying for a long time now. I cannot wait to throw all face masks in the bin though I must not be too hasty as they might still be required on public transport. I am planning to go to Edinburgh by train and 4 hours with a mask on is not a jolly prospect. I think I will have a bottomless coffee which I will sip if a ticket collector approaches.

So a couple of weeks to reflect on all the plans for the enforced lockdown, which in the end were not completed, as the time just got frittered away. I will confess to a few of mine. I did not read the whole of La Peste in the original French. I did not do daily piano practice. I did not maintain 10,000 steps every day. I have almost finished reading “Middlemarch” but not quite. I have not put all my photos in albums, I have a crate of prints next to me right now. I am sure I will think of other incomplete projects. I am gleeful about the abandoning of qr codes. I never did download the app as I have little space on my phone, and Rod and other friends do not have smartphones anyway. And I sincerely hope that cafes and restaurants using an app for ordering drinks and food scrap that as well. I want to speak to a real waiter/waitress, discuss my order, and not have it brought on a tray with the command, please unload the tray yourself as I am not permitted to. As if the the stuff flew on to the tray by magic, untouched by human hand.

Here’s another anomaly. Friends from Germany arrived at London City Airport last night. They took a train to East Croydon and are now staying with their parents. They themselves have to quarantine for 10 days, and have already received a phone call, are you at the address you gave? As it’s a call to a mobile, I am still not sure that the authorities can tell if you really are at that address. But the parents with whom they are staying do not have to quarantine, and are free to come and go as they wish: shopping, hairdresser etc. I cannot quite make this add up. Either you are infectious, or not. Hey ho, all coming to an end soon.

I heard this tonight, a piece by a little known Finnish composer, who was himself a clarinettist. I only heard about the first 5 minutes but thought it was very pleasant. It’s sometimes good to listen to something which is less well known.

One thought on “Monday 5 July

  1. Yet another bad decision made by our government today. This will make a lot of people more cautious about doing things that we have been doing with masks, e.g. shopping, public transport.
    I will not be doing any of that from now on. We are the only country to take this path, and with infections rising significantly. When will the government be sensible?


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