Tuesday 6 July

Very early this morning there was a huge amount of noise in the road. It seemed like cutting, sawing, shredding. I looked out to see one of the big lime trees in our road being felled. It seems that in the night a large branch fell off on to someone’s car, and although it did no damage, the whole tree had to be sacrificed. I do hope they plant a replacement. We lost trees in the 1987 hurricane, but now of course they are all fully grown.

I went to the large Tesco’s this morning, also quite a hazardous experience. They have placed enormous speed bumps which slows everyone to a crawl, and creates a lot of bad temper. In fact the supermarket seemed quite empty: they have all gone elsewhere without speed bumps I guess. Only three checkouts were open so I joined what I felt was the optimum queue, but…….the moving belt jammed and stuff had to be pushed along by hand till the supervisor sorted it out. Then the guy’s card didn’t work. Gosh, I thought, I’ll be here for ever, loading and unloading. He had several attempts, and then said, oh it’s frozen, I’ll unfreeze it. What?? He said, “I have to freeze it to stop my kids from using it.” Who leaves their cash card around where the kids can access it? So I finally escaped.

The weather today has been dire. The Jamaican lady on the till, rolled her eyes and said the usual “have a nice day,” and laughed her head off. It has been cold, windy and rainy. The raspberries will be turning to soup. I did eat some tonight which I picked a couple of days ago.

I am watching a very interesting series on BBC4 about Ernest Hemingway. When we were in Chicago we visited the house where he grew up, now a museum. I have to say that I find his writings quite difficult, not least because at times it seems very brutal. He was a complex but very fascinating character, and the programme looks promising, episode 2 tonight. I think it is an American series, and not the newest, as some of the people interviewed are no longer alive, but as I find very little of interest on the TV normally, this is a bit of a highlight. Episode 1 narrates his time with the Red Cross in Italy in WW1 where he was severely injured. He later writes that the war scarred almost the whole world with its violent experiences and massive loss of life. It seemed to echo sentiments surrounding the Covid pandemic.

I have seen Christina Pluhar in concert, very exciting performer.

One thought on “Tuesday 6 July

  1. I have heard a lot about Hemmingway but have always been put off by the immense gushing over-sentimentality of American towards him. Perhaps now that many Americans probably have no idea what he has written and who he is, it would be a suitable time to finally read him.
    I slept the night out in Monterray with the winos of Tortilla flat and have to say I am rather a Steinbeck fan as a result.


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