Friday 9 July

Since Croydon Council is bankrupt, there is no maintenance of trees or verges. Today I decided to be public spirited and lop off all the straggly bits of the lime tees which grow close to our house. This is not an entirely selfless act, as the straggly branches obscure the view along the road, so as I pull out of the drive, I cannot see what is coming, in either direction. So we had a good old hacking session and lots of bits are now on our bonfire, and I can see along the road. I tried to light the bonfire this evening but it is far too damp. As more rain is forecast for tomorrow, this could become a bit of a problem.

I returned to Beckenham Place lake for a swim this afternoon. 19C so not as warm as last time, but still extremely pleasant. It is however far from wild swimming as you have to pay, book a session, and then, oh the ignominy, tie a bright pink marker buoy round your waist.

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One of these. It’s not as though the lake is so huge that you could get lost. However we saw some dear little ducklings, baby coots and baby grebes. Seeing them at eye level is very cute. Amazing dragonflies too.

I realise that there is something else I will not miss as lockdown eases. That is Zoom calls. I have not made any Zoom calls for ages now. Why? I suppose because I have been able to see most of the people I would like to talk to. Any lectures or meetings are in general holding fire to see if they can take place face to face. Even the creator of Zoom has said that he is all zoomed out. I am sure he can afford to retire gracefully though. But I see that the date of 19 July is receding. 16 August seems to be bandied about. I suspect we are being prepared for another winter of lockdowns.

The finale of Saint Saens’ Carnival of the Animals, with the mega talented Kanneh-Mason family.

One thought on “Friday 9 July

  1. Mega talented hardly seems to do the Kanneh-Mason family justice. There must be a better word, what a family!


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