Saturday 10 July

It is unbelievably cool, about 16C. My feet are cold and I have gone back to wearing shoes and socks. Ironically I have just bought a new pair of sandals. I hope I will yet get to wear them.

We went for a walk in Beddington Park. I was very struck by the shape of this tree trunk, it looks like elephant feet. I have been told that it is good to pause somewhere each day, and stand in awe. It doesn’t have to be stunningly amazing, but just take the time to appreciate even small things. This is what I found “awesome” today.

I am also constantly amused by notices. I read this and was somewhat bewildered. I think they mean ducklings not babies, but as there were many babies and small children in the park, it did take me back momentarily.

Another notice which made me laugh was on a road nearby which is going to be resurfaced, and all parking is prohibited. It says “car lifter will be used.” I was driving and only caught this from the corner of my eye, and read it as “cat litter.” Good one.

So if you take a holiday to an amber country, which turns red while you are away, you have the additional pleasure of staying in a quarantine hotel. I think the UK will do nicely for me for the moment, especially as we are now told that nothing will be “normal” till next spring at the earliest. These dates advance into the misty future, I think normal is a concept which can be forgotten. I am happy that I have known normal: I feel sorry for the little children who are growing up in a strange old world of lockdowns, testing and being sent home from school.

I think I have not had any Albeniz on the blog, and no guitar recently. So here is John Williams.

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