Tuesday 13 July

Luckily I was up early as today’s initial crisis was the car battery. Or rather, the battery light was illuminated so I went off to the car spares shop, who said, hm, more likely the alternator. So I crossed the road to see the nice motor mechanic who services the car, and he very kindly came out immediately and ran some checks, and said, no, it was a dead battery. So back to the spares shop, where I have to admit, I played the helpless female card (goes against the grain) and asked him to install it for me. It would take us hours with endless messing about to find the right tools, and he of course completed the task in a few minutes. Anyway, he got some beer money out of it, so everyone happy now.

I have been picking more raspberries and tomorrow I think it is red currants, so maybe some jam making. The raspberries are amazing, though the potatoes pathetic. Although we did have enough for lunch today. The snails are becoming more and more athletic, crawling high up the raspberry canes. It must be the rain which has given them renewed energy.

This afternoon it was angling time, back to the lovely lakes at Rusper. Rod had a very good session, with about 12 sizeable carp. They put up a great fight, it is exhausting to watch let alone to land the fish.

Please note the curve of the line, indicating the weight on the end.

In between skirmishes with large carp, I started reading Hemingway’s “A Farewell to Arms.” How come I never read him before? I think I started something and found it too brutal, and gave up. I find his style just wonderful. Very sparse, very dramatic, always urging you to read on. And I have only just begun. I am looking forward to tonight’s programme about him.

I commend to you Bach’s Courante for cello, recently heard.

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