Friday 16 July

A very funny thing has happened since I had a new car battery. I have changed the time, but for the life of me I cannot work out how to change the date. So it has reverted to its factory setting which is May 2012. I have to say I am rather enjoying this. I am 9 years younger, and Covid has not been invented, and I really feel that everything is rather hunky dory. My advice to you all is, change your car battery and step back in time.

Today’s crisis was a shortage of trolleys at Aldi. Oh dear me, first world problems. Everyone was suddenly very friendly, hovering with a pound coin to grab the next available trolley. Aldi really has knocked the stuffing out of the supermarket world. Having recently catered for a vegan visitor, I have been scouring the possible options. Hot tip if you have to do the same: Aldi’s plant menu is really excellent and varied. Far more than our local Waitrose had. Not that I am an Aldi fanatic or anything. Or trying to promote a German company who seem to have got it cracked.

It is Adam’s third birthday today and we are having a family party tomorrow. So I have been baking and tidying, and thinking about how to create some shade as it is forecast to be very hot. He had a delightful celebration at his nursery yesterday, I think he will be amazed to have a three day celebration. In a year’s time we will be contemplating primary school, so hard to imagine.

I note that words like “scary” and “alarming increase” are being bandied about. This is clearly softening us up for the next lockdown. Now all you people who derided my comments that the 19 July will not be the end of regulations and a huge return to normality……it’s not going to happen. I had hoped to go to a Prom concert, I like promming. But if I have to stand in a little circle, 2m away from anyone else, with a mask on, I won’t bother. The whole fun of promming is chatting to the people you are squeezed next to. And for seniors like me, it is such fun to meet upcoming music students hoping to make a career in classical music.

At a point in the dim past, I took part in a “Carmina Burana from Scratch” at the Fairfield Hall. It was fantastic fun. I heard this today and remembered. Carl Orff is a bit of a one hit wonder, but this version of O Fortuna is high drama and pretty.

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