Saturday 17 July

Stand by for blasting, as my father would have said. He came out with this whenever there was a big family party and the preparations got a bit feverish. So I thought of this today as we put out balloons, banners, picnic mats, parasols, let alone the food and drink Everyone contributed something and it was really good fun. My handiwork:

Adam was three and Yannis ten, so we had another cake as well, just to be fair. The paddling pool came out, the adults had fizz, and it was a lovely afternoon.

Cake cutting, present opening, all exciting stuff for a three year old.

What was very amusing later on was to see the young fox come into the garden, the moment everyone had gone, to hoover up all the bits which the children had dropped.

So bold, it came right down to the patio where I was sitting.

I have been thinking of a piece containing the number three, and thought of “Three Little Maids from School.” My father was a Gilbert and Sullivan enthusiast, and loved the D’Oyley Carte opera company. If they came to the De Montfort Hall in Leicester, he would take me. He knew most of the words off by heart, and would sing whilst shaving.

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