Monday 19 April

This was really a landmark day. I went for a swim, in Hampton open air pool (heated to 28C it has to be said.) But first I went for a walk with friends in Bushy Park, an enormous expanse of open land near Kingston. Many people out enjoying the sunshine, which today was up toContinue reading “Monday 19 April”

Sunday 18 April

Another amazingly sunny day. The garden now needs constant watering. When out walking, all the formerly muddy paths are now dry and dusty. Yet overnight it is bitterly cold and vulnerable plants cannot yet go outside. Well the British always allegedly talk about the weather, so I am true to form. I visited Emmetts GardenContinue reading “Sunday 18 April”

Saturday 17 April

A very fine sunny day, so different from the snow on Monday. But there you are, that’s April. I was very fortunate to have yet another birthday celebration. Emma and Yolande had conspired to make lunch, followed by a most amazing birthday cake, and a few glasses of wine to wash it all down. MoreContinue reading “Saturday 17 April”

Friday 16 April

On the train yesterday to Brighton, we went past little villages, where the most noticeable feature is the church, mostly with spires, some with towers. In many cases centuries old. And I thought how a hundred years ago, the church dominated all aspects of life. You were baptised, went to Sunday school, confirmed, married, buried.Continue reading “Friday 16 April”

Thursday 15 April

My birthday, and for two years running, no party. For us guys with birthdays in April, lockdown has been really bad news on the celebration front. However this year was better than last, in that in 2020 I could go nowhere and see no one, except I had a shouty conversation with my neighbour atContinue reading “Thursday 15 April”

Wednesday 14 April

I sit here next to a shelf full of guides: Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, to places I have been to, or had the intention of visiting. There is one for Brazil, where I might have had a a brief teaching opportunity, one for Cuba which Rod would like to visit, one for South Africa, whereContinue reading “Wednesday 14 April”

Wednesday 13 April

I woke to the sound of trains rattling through the valley. When the wind is in a certain direction they are particularly audible. And I thought how nice it would be to go on a long train journey. My sister had planned to retire this year and we had hoped to go by rail acrossContinue reading “Wednesday 13 April”

Monday 12 April

Today we awoke to this wintry scene: It is my birthday later this week, and I have on odd occasions, mostly in Germany, had a snowy celebration. Just a few days too soon this year. And ironically the day on which pubs are permitted to offer open air service. Bit chilly to sit and haveContinue reading “Monday 12 April”

Sunday 11 April

Thank you very much for the feedback on dreaming. It seems that everyone is having technicolor dreams/nightmares, some very frightening, and some very frustrating, like being in the pub with a pint of beer to hand. I suppose all forms of dreams reflect the day’s thought processes, and as we have spent a great dealContinue reading “Sunday 11 April”

Saturday 10 April

Like many people during lockdown, I have been having very vivid dreams. Recently it has been swimming in the sea. I can hear the rush of the waves, I can feel the water on my skin, it is so real. The other recurring equally vivid dream is taking a school party to Germany, and missingContinue reading “Saturday 10 April”


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