Saturday 26 September

A big day for my foster grandson Yannis. The much postponed First Communion service. This is a very important occasion in the Catholic church, and he had been attending classes throughout the winter in order to prepare. It should have taken place in May and we had planned a big family party, but like soContinue reading “Saturday 26 September”

Friday 25 September

Time to head back to base, and today Croydon is in the news for all the wrong reasons, as a policeman has been shot dead at the custody centre. I don’t really live in bandit country, but London is a big city and has big city issues. Before I left Maeve showed me her latestContinue reading “Friday 25 September”

Thursday 24 September

We drove nephew Tim back to Hathersage in the Peak District. It was a lovely sunny autumn day and so pretty to see the moors with heather and sheep. We sat in the garden and had lunch and a bit of a catch up on family news. We decided to return via Bakewell, which isContinue reading “Thursday 24 September”

Wednesday 23 September

Yesterday when we were collecting the floorboard wood, I was looking at the wood piles and their countries of origin. Many, very predictably, came from Sweden. But this one surprised me. Why are we importing wood from the People’s Republic of China? Scandinavia has forests of massive dimensions, it can’t be right to bring woodContinue reading “Wednesday 23 September”

Tuesday 22 September

The first activity today was the outdoor barber’s shop. Since lockdown most men seem to have developed a talent for cutting their own hair. This seemed to be a successful mission. We were back on house and garden tasks, but no wild swimming this evening as it was too windy. I think the weather forecastContinue reading “Tuesday 22 September”

Monday 21 September

The autumn equinox. Although the evenings are still sunny and it is not dark till after 7.30pm, this somehow feels like a turning point in the year. This morning we went to Stamford to look for lighting, and paint. With only a degree of success it has to be said. But it is lovely toContinue reading “Monday 21 September”

Sunday 20 September

Yesterday when we went out for a walk, I saw this beautiful rose: The gardens seem to be having a final flourish, with dahlias and cosmos, all very pretty. This morning we decided to tackle the Bramley apple tree. Even with a ladder, and Tim climbing the tree, there were some wonderful apples just outContinue reading “Sunday 20 September”

Saturday 19 September

Not much of an entry today I’m afraid, as I am very saddened to hear of the totally unexpected death of my penfriend’s husband. I have known Ute since the age of 15, and last year we spent almost a week with her and Peter in Menden, and the years rolled back, we remained theContinue reading “Saturday 19 September”

Friday 18 September

We started to dismantle everything in the bedroom: wardrobe, airing cupboard, then the floorboards. This is a root and branch operation. Watch out for splinters! Underneath where the hot water tank is, we found a nest of screwed up paper and bits, maybe an old mouse nest. This is a very old house: you canContinue reading “Friday 18 September”

Thursday 17 September

Tim and I are off on our travels again. Back to do useful things in the house refurbishment line in Northborough. But today it was brilliantly sunny, so we spent time in the garden. I picked apples and blackberries which we ate later. It is now noticeable that we are approaching the equinox. The daysContinue reading “Thursday 17 September”


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