Wednesday 13 January

How many cancelled engagements on the calendar so far? For me, two, and we are only in week two of January. Last week the Artemisia exhibition at the National Gallery, and today, a haircut. The first I cannot remedy, the second I can, so I took the scissors to my fringe this morning. Then bringContinue reading “Wednesday 13 January”

Tuesday 12 January

I think my most local National Trust place is Chartwell, formerly the home of Sir Winston Churchill. It has very pretty gardens, and even in winter there is always something to see, so to that end, Barbara and I arranged to meet there at 10.00 for a socially distanced wander. There were about 5 carsContinue reading “Tuesday 12 January”

Monday 11 January

It is very much milder here today, up to 8C. But in Derbyshire there is still snow, which prompted nephew Tim to complete a snowman. I thought it looked very cheery. Back to online activities as everything else is so very restricted. Pilates livens me up though. I was sufficiently animated to go and doContinue reading “Monday 11 January”

Sunday 10 January

Under normal circumstances, I would be going swimming on a Sunday morning, but instead I went for a walk in the park. I have this kind of cabin fever, whereby I need to be out in the open air every day. I see no evidence round here of being interrogated by the police as toContinue reading “Sunday 10 January”

Saturday 9 January

I am beginning to think I should make a little tally of the days and weeks, like prisoners used to do. I remember seeing them in Portchester Castle, when I was a child: made by French prisoners of war. It made a big impression on me, I think I realised that if you were incarcerated,Continue reading “Saturday 9 January”

Friday 8 January

‘Twas on a Friday morning oh………………….everything went wrong. Rod was told by his favourite angling club that their waters would not open: it was in the members’ best interest that they did not fish. Patronising or what? So bad words all round. Then for reasons not relevant to the anecdote, I went to Croydon policeContinue reading “Friday 8 January”

Thursday 7 January

I decided to start my day by trying a HIIT class which is a much more energetic routine than my normal Pilates, and allegedly burns a few calories, which would not go amiss with the amount of Christmas cake, Stollen and mince pies I have recently consumed. I was very pleased that I was mainlyContinue reading “Thursday 7 January”

Wednesday 6 January

Twelfth Night and my Christmas tree is still up though I have taken down all the other decorations. But we woke up to snow this morning. Only a sprinkling which did not last long. It looked pretty and wintry, and we saw the fox scurrying about. The National Trust gardens remain open and so weContinue reading “Wednesday 6 January”

Tuesday 5 January

I have to admit to feeling much like my cat today, who was asleep in front of the fire with her paws over her face. I’ll only wake up when it’s all over. But hey, I galvanised myself into doing a fitness video and felt much better for doing that. The circulation gets going andContinue reading “Tuesday 5 January”


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